Cinpu Indonesia EULA (End User License Agreement)

01. Users accepting this EULA will be subject to all rules contained in the EULA. The EULA Regulations also apply to all Game services provided by Cinpu Indonesia through Game

02. You need to register ID first to be able to use the services of Cinpu Indonesia, where you have to provide personal data that is correct, complete, accurate and latest about yourself and make changes to your profile if any changes. You are responsible for the data you provide. Cinpu Indonesia is not responsible in case of problems due to filling of registration data.

03. All information and personal data you provide to Cinpu Indonesia is kept confidential and Cinpu Indonesia will not provide such information to any other parties except to the Cinpu Indonesia business partners in providing services to you.

04. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your ID, password and personal code. You are also responsible for the activities performed from that ID.

05. You must take preventive action and maintain the stability of the operating system, the security of your computer data. Cinpu Indonesia is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by viruses, spyware or other hacking attempts to retrieve your data.

06. In accordance with the provisions of the number. 4 and 5, then Cinpu Indonesia is not responsible for the lost ID or password for hacking, keylogger, fraud or your own negligence.

07. All Characters, items and elements contained in the games provided by Cinpu Indonesia are owned by Developer and Copyright Owners, in the event of a closing of the game services all such items will be returned to the developer.

08. Money in Game, Cash or Point, as well as any other items you earn in the Game are your responsibility. Cinpu Indonesia is not responsible for any losses incurred by your own fault.

09. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to refuse or remove the name of the ID, the name of the character used if it is considered unlawful, offensive to the tribe, religion, race, pornographic or not in accordance with the prevailing norms.

10. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to block User Accounts without the consent of the respective User Account owner if the User has not been logged for 6 months, and if User Account is never logged for 12 Months then Cinpu Indonesia shall have the right to delete such User Account without the consent of the User Account owner the. This rule applies to all games

11. Cinput Indonesia reserves the right to alter or delete any contents on websites, forums or in-game messages that in violation of the rules agreed in this Agreement violate social laws and norms, threaten or infringe the rights of others as follows: - Messages that encourage violence, hatred, physical threat, use of drugs, harassment, humiliation, and offensive tribes, religion and race, or violate applicable norms. - Messages about ways, instructions or methods of unlawful acts, terrorism, hacking, cracking, etc.

12. You are required to comply with the rules set by Cinpu Indonesia. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to sanction or even block the ID of players who violate the rules.

13. You are prohibited from sending, distributing or remaking in any form any material that has trademarks, intellectual property and patents or material which is the property of Cinpu Indonesia without the prior written permission of Cinpu Indonesia. This applies also to materials that have trademark rights, patents and other intellectual property rights of other companies that may be found on the website as well as games and accessories.

14. Software (software), websites and other facilities provided by Cinpu Indonesia are absolute property of Cinpu Indonesia and its business partners. Therefore use in an inappropriate manner is prohibited.

15. You agree to use or use the services provided by Cinpu Indonesia and only use client programs provided, distributed and disseminated by Cinpu Indonesia and its business partners either through CDs, websites or other media.

16. You agree not to use any facilities, servers and networks used for Cinpu Indonesia services to gain unauthorized access to other systems or networks. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to sue you (either civil or criminal prosecution) if you violate it.

17. You agree to indemnify Chinpu Indonesia and its business partners from any claims and losses arising from actions, behavior and messages that you submit in the game as well as messages you submit on the website / forum.

18. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to take legal action against any breach of this End User License Agreement or against any actions deemed to be detrimental to Cinpu Indonesia as the licensee of services when required.

19. The services provided are not free from errors or errors completely. System errors can occur any time either because of internet connection problems, electricity, hardware, natural disasters or problems of the service program itself.

20. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to restrict or suspend services at any time without the need to provide advance notice (explanation of issues may be submitted in due time in accordance with the policy of Cinpu Indonesia in case of problems in the provision of services to the user.

21. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to close the Online Game service at any time with prior notice if Cinpu Indonesia decides to close the game.

22. Cinpu Indonesia reserves the right to change the existing End User License Agreement rules to improve the quality of the services provided, without prior notification.